"Airman to Mom" Women of the Military podcast interviews Trish Alegre-Smith

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Women of the Military Podcast interview on "Airman to Mom"Amanda Huffman "Airman to Mom" Interviews Trish Alegre-Smith, U.S. Air Force for Women of the Military PodcastEpisode 167: "What can you gain from military service"

by Trish Alegre-Smith

I have worked with many of you who follow my blog and on social media, but I’m not sure how many of you know my story of how I came to be a photographer (aka my “origin story”).

My interview with Amanda Huffman - Airman to Mom was a long overdue follow-up from the first time I met her and contributed to her first book with my story—focused on what I learned from my first deployment after 9/11.

I realized how uncomfortable I had been in the past with sharing personal details but working with Amanda has made it a lot easier. My experiences helped me get to where I am today and hopefully listening to my story will help you feel more comfortable with sharing yours.

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