What My International Workday Looks Like

June 05, 2015  •  Leave a Comment
whatmyinternationaldaylookslike_june2015_soyourlifeimages_wm_blogBrought My Camera on a Wine and Dine on the Mosel RiverI bring my camera everywhere with me--even when I'm not working and even if it's a formal occasion.
  • When you're like me and work a home-based business it can often appear like you don't work that many hours. Most of the time my schedule is flexible. I can be the parent that can show up to volunteer at the kids' schools or stay home when one of them gets sick. You'll see me at local community events as a private organization board member or volunteering my services.
  • What many don't see is that during my community outreach I may be meeting potential clients for the first time or getting informal feedback from locals on what type of photography services are missing in the area.
  • Others also don't see the work that I squeeze in between my appointments and while the kids are in school. My smartphone, laptop, and camera are always with me. I can easily turn my car into an office or duck into a local library, coffee shop, or community center with wifi access to work.
  • My day starts early and ends late with occasional middle of the night wake ups for conference calls or Tweet Chats. While I'm building my network and team here in Europe I still work to maintain and grow mine in the U.S.--which means working around time differences.
  • I do take one day off a week to spend with family--a habit here in Germany I've wholeheartedly embraced. This is one important thing that has preserved my sanity and reminded of why I work so hard.

Do you own a home-based business? Please share below in the comments on what your workday looks like.


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