Don't Stress Back To School Photos

August 31, 2015  •  Leave a Comment
The one thing that we've learned as we've helped other parents with back-to-school photos is that it can be more stressful than it needs to be. Parents may be rushing to get their children out the door in the morning, worried about getting good shots to post on social media, or wondering why their kids just aren't as excited as they are to take photos. We also see parents overwhelmed with ideas from Pinterest--from props to outfits it can be a bit much and take some of the fun out of the first day back.
Boy Riding His Balance Bike to School in German VillageChanging the angle of a shot and zooming in a little closer can make an otherwise mundane back-to-school photo pop.
Stay sane with these three tips:
1. If you want to take staged photos (with props, etc.) we recommend doing it before school starts for the year or even in the late afternoon light. There's less traffic in the background if you choose to take photos on school grounds and kids are less likely to be tired or feel like they are being rushed.
2. Look for these three key shots (in this order if you're doing it before leaving for school):
   - Kids getting ready to leave the front door of your house.
   - If your kids take the bus, a shot at the bust stop (bonus if you can get the bus in the background). If they ride to school on a bike or in a car, getting a quick couple of shots on their way out.
   - A photo of your kids at their school (this can be done after school at pickup) or when they get home after their first day.
3. Ask your kids what they're looking forward to at school, what they are scared of, etc. This short interview helps you capture genuine expressions as they're answering questions.


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