Looking Back So We Can Move Forward With Our Goals

January 12, 2016  •  Leave a Comment
blogpost_lookingbackto2015_soyourlifeimages_2015_wm_webSpring Takes a Peek in Winter
We took a real break through Christmas and New Year's for the first time since we opened as a business. You may have seen a "closed" sign before but we always managed to sneak in a few days of work through the holidays.
Back in the studio for the first week we have started taking the steps to meet our goals for this year. As we step forward we can find motivation in everything that we accomplished in 2015.
This past year was a breakthrough for us creatively as we found our “groove” and produced our best and most recognized work to date.
Some of our highlights from 2015:
  • Unveiled our new website that allowed clients on either side of the Atlantic to order prints
  • Grew our Facebook following by 50%
  • Doubled our client base thanks to referrals from our loyal clients
  • Published work in Europe for the first time
  • Made our debut on Instagram
Seeing what we achieved in 2015—even when we fell short of our “stretch” goal metrics—gives us the confidence to go after this year’s goals and set our sights higher.
Take a look at what you’ve accomplished in the past instead of the resolutions that you didn’t meet. Can you come up with at least three items on your list?


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