A Man and His Roush Muscle Car

April 12, 2016  •  3 Comments
chadandhisnewride_roushmustang_april_soyourlifeimages_2016-5416Chad and His New RidePicking up his new Roush Warrior SC Mustang was a dream come true. Giving my friend, Chad, a ride to pick up his 2015 Limited Edition Roush Warrior SC (for “super-charged”) Mustang is near the top of my list for most memorable things that I've done to help out a friend. Being who I am and given what I do, I naturally brought along my Canon 6D with me--and stuck with my 50mm prime lens. I am not an auto photographer by trade but I couldn’t resist taking photos of this beautiful vehicle. I also never thought of modern Ford Mustangs as distinctive as their classic counterparts--until I saw this one. My "hats off" to the team at Top Gear—my images don’t come close to the work that they do.
It took just over an hour to get to the dealership. Unlike the car that Chad was picking up, my 2003 Toyota Landcruiser was more comfortable cruising the Autobahn at around 80mph. Even with its V-8 engine it starts giving me feedback over this speed that it doesn't enjoy fast-driving very much. However, the time flew by with a good convo catching up and the excitement he had finally getting to see his car. It was located at a dealer halfway across the world after the initial sale fell through. This would be the first time he had seen it in person. After a couple stops to locate the pick-up place for this Mustang (I incorrectly assumed that a dealership that brokers the sale of one of only 15 Roush Warrior SC Mustangs produced a year would be easy to find), we found the showroom with the car prominently parked facing the main street.
chadandhisnewride_roushmustang_april_soyourlifeimages_2016-5390Chad inspects his Roush Warrior SC Mustang
Knowing how much he was looking forward to this moment, I pulled up to the showroom door so he could get out and head straight for his car while I found a parking space. Once I parked I grabbed my camera so that I could capture the moments of when he "met" his car for the first time. From the pop of color to the low profile of the front hood scoop the graceful lines of this vehicle stood out. The black leather interior looked as comfortable as it was elegant (and it felt that way too). Even looking "under the hood" was like looking at a well-crafted modern art piece. There were other luxury vehicles in the same showroom--Mercedes, BMW, Audi--but they paled in comparison.
chadandhisnewride_roushmustang_april_soyourlifeimages_2016-5392-2Under the Hood
While the visual inspection and familiarization with the Roush Mustang was taking place I snapped away trying to compose shots that would remind Chad of the first time he saw the car. This experience at the showroom was capped off with the key being turned in the ignition for the first time. I later learned that the initial sound of the engine starting at the dealership--which I would describe as a refined rumbling "roar"--was the quiet mode. If that was "quiet" I'm not sure if I'm ready to hear the engine in other modes.
chadandhisnewride_roushmustang_april_soyourlifeimages_2016-5419Chad Getting Ready to Hit the Autobahn
I made sure to catch him getting behind the wheel and pulling out of the dealership lot. Considering we would be driving on the Autobahn back to our home villages there was now way that my SUV was going to keep up with his Mustang. Chad later told me at one point he let it out and was going 160mph. Quickly his sense of mortality kicked in and he backed off of the accelerator. The only thing my SUV and this racing car had in common was their mutual lack of fuel economy--especially at high speeds. I'm looking forward to having a session photographing the car in an open lot with open countryside in the background and driving on a track.
Chad even made my husband's day by bringing this well-crafted auto to his office for a closer look. For more complete information on the 2015 Roush Warrior SC Mustang and why so many gear heads--including my husband--covet this vehicle click here.


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This is an excellent post. Keep up the good work.
A great read and fabulous pics of Chad and Diane's new baby
Chadwick Luquette(non-registered)
Thanks Trish,

As always the conversation leading up to the pickup was the best part of the trip. I wish that Diane would have been here to be the first to drive it, but sorries, first lap around the block was all mine!
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