Macro Shots with My iPhone (Flowers in Focus)

April 23, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Apple Blossoms in GermanyTaken with an iPhone 6.

I have posted a couple shots from my iPhone of the spring flowers blooming in my portrait garden (otherwise known as my backyard). One of my Facebook fans asked how I could get that look where the flower in front (foreground or center) is completely in focus while the rest of the scene (background) is slightly out of focus (effect also known as bokeh).

The photos in this post were taken with my iPhone 6 (for some truly incredible photos from around the world also see this iPhone 6 gallery). I don't use any digital zoom. I also used the Camera app that is installed when purchased and made no additional edits to these photos.

Yellow Flowers Budding in GermanyTaken with an iPhone 6.

I moved my iPhone very close to the flower that I wanted featured. I then tapped on the screen for the specific area that I wanted in focus. Most times I had to move the iPhone forward and back until I was at the right focal length to get the camera to focus on the flower that I wanted. During this entire time I'm checking my screen for composition--does it look like the picture that I want to take?

This type of shot takes regular practice to consistently shoot well. It also adds proof that it isn't the equipment that makes a photographer as much as our skill at using our equipment to create memorable images.


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