Photo Booth Fun

February 22, 2016  •  1 Comment
Fun Couple at Valentine's Photo Booth
This month was the first time that I collaborated with an event organizer to set up a photo booth for attendees. Instead of constructing an actual booth we recreated the look and feel in the final photos.
We used a simple white cloth backdrop and cardboard hearts painted with gold glitter (taped onto the backdrop). For lighting, I used one continuous light (diffused with a white umbrella) to the subject(s)’s right and an off-camera flash (modified with a Lastolite Ezybox Hotshot Softbox) to the subject(s)’s left. I didn’t use any fill lighting and left the shadows in during post-processing.
Triple the Fun with Friends in a Photo Booth
Having guests use fun, colorful props (provided by the hosts) made it easier to relax in front of the camera and lights—we were just having fun:) I kept the shots tight with the idea of a square crop in mind so that these could be used on Instagram or Facebook profiles.
Have you ever thought of adding a photo booth like this to your event? What would you have done differently and what would you keep? Please comment below with your answers.


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