Behind-the-Scenes of a Marketing Shoot with Caitlin Hoffman

March 09, 2016  •  Leave a Comment
Show Me the MoneySpring 31 Product Shoot with Caitlin Hoffman, Senior Consultant

From December through March we get a lot of cold, grey, and wet weather in our part of the world. It makes for less than desirable conditions for our portrait clients. This season we ramped up our in-studio shooting and just wrapped a spring product marketing shoot for one of our favorite clients--Caitlin Hoffman, Senior Consultant at Thirty-One Gifts.

Caitlin is a military spouse who moved her business for a second time over a year ago (and first time overseas like us). We’ve watched her business grow since the first time we took her headshots here. In this session we wanted to capture the confidence and passion that she had for her products and give her images that she could use in her marketing materials.

choffman_thirtyonegifts_soyourlifeimages_spring_2016-4636Featuring Caitlin's Favorite Spring 31 ProductsHer favorite shot setup from our marketing shoot.
She first came to know about Thirty-One Gifts when her husband brought home a cooler bag from one of his co-workers and she asked to see a catalog of more items. She found that she liked at least one product from every page—so her first party in 2011 as a hostess turned into her launch party as a consultant. As most consultants that she knew also started as hostesses, Caitlin envisioned taking shots that evoked the same excited feeling she had when she discovered Thirty-One products.
We also wanted to include action shots that reflected her personality as well as how her products, just like her business, fit around her lifestyle and philosophy. Caitlin sets her own hours and often around her young family's needs. Coming overseas meant operating by an unfamiliar set of rules and an initially limited customer base. She had to work hard to stand out from other consultants and make those personal connections that lead to good customer relationships.
choffman_thirtyonegifts_soyourlifeimages_2016-4664Caitlin's Business is Ridiculously Good

Like most of our small business clients she overcame numerous challenges to succeed. We’re happy that we can be a small part of that journey and document that success visually for her.


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