Show Yourself Some LOVE

February 12, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

show yourself some loveshow yourself some love Many of us have spent the first month or so of 2018 setting the foundation (and pace) for meeting our annual goals. For some this meant prioritizing our professional goals and losing focus on ourselves. With Valentines Day coming up this week as we show extra care for those we love let’s take time to show a little extra care for ourselves with LOVE.

L is for “letting go.” For one day we can give ourself a “pass” in criticizing all of the little mistakes we make as experience teaches us what we need to learn to be better—in our profession or business. We can stop looking at all the flaws in photos of ourselves and look at the features that make us unique and embrace them.

O is for "opportunities." Instead of tackling a challenge this week it’s time to look for any new opportunities to grow personally this week. Whether it’s reading a book, taking a class, visiting a new place, or trying a new exercise there’s one opportunity out there to give you a fresh perspective.

V is for “value your time.” How many of us work late or get up early to fit one more hour to get work done. Make time for yourself this week (aim for one hour) to do something that you “want” to do and not “have” to do. Bonus points if it has nothing to do with meeting a goal.

E is for “enjoyment.” The most important part of showing ourself extra care is finding the joy that we forget to look for day-to-day. Our mind should find rest or elation for a small period of time so that we can recharge ourselves.

So what's one way to see if you have been showing yourself some LOVE this week? Take random photos throughout the day as you go through your activities. At the end of the week take a peek at your camera roll and see what you've been up to. What story do those pictures tell? Do they tell you that you took some time for yourself this week?



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