Your Professional Story in Pictures

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Blog Post_ Your Professional StoryBlog Post_ Your Professional StoryWhat do you need to share your visual story? So You’re in Business: What Do You Need For Your Visual Story?

It can be a time-consuming process working on your website, social media accounts, and preparing your marketing materials. You may be so busy that choosing photos which keep your visual story consistent across platforms is low on your priority list. So where do you start? Here's what I recommend:

1. Get your Headshot(s). You are the face behind your business so make sure that it is featured. If you have top team members who back you up make sure that they are featured too. Keep the background, lighting, and posing for the headshots consistent for your team. Use the same headshots for: profile photos; on your “About” and “Meet Our Team” descriptions; and in your marketing (e.g. business cards).

2. Plan ahead to Photograph your Events. From professional conferences to local community engagement or meetings that you host there are opportunities to take photos of you and your team in action. The ideal situation is a public event or well-publicized conference so that you can tie into other publicity for these events (e.g. posting your photos on social media with event hashtags) where photos and posting are actively encouraged. You can use these photos as "action" shots in your blog posts describing your experience or involvement in an event. Also think about using these in your "About" description on your website (sharing what you do well or as an example of your client base). Like your headshots make sure that these photos feature you and your team. If your photos include others make sure that you have their express permission to use them. (Disclaimer: I am not a lawyer and I do not offer legal advice on how to have correct permissions for photo use. Consult with your legal resources for appropriate guidance).

3. If plans in Step 2 fall through, put together a Photo Session Where You Work. This is a great option that lets you have the most control over how your photos look and allows you to take your time. The photo above is of me (sans the glam) that shows you exactly how I look when I'm working in my studio or on location. I'm posed in front of one of my portable headshot backdrops using natural lighting to demonstrate one of my many techniques and poses. Your setup can be as simple as this and still be effective at conveying your message. Planned sessions like these can give you photos that are ideal for your website and social media account banners and headers as well as your printed marketing materials.

4. Use your images in short marketing videos. There are many options (some even free) to put together your still images (i.e. photos) into a marketing video that's under a minute long. You can upload this video on your website and post it in your social media. This is one thing that can help you stand out from the crowd and really weave together a consistent story or message in a succinct way.

All of these are options to get you started if you're looking to stand apart from others in your industry. It would give you more images to choose from (other than stock photos) and personalize your online presence and marketing to feature you and your brand.


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